You must add a printer imprint to Yes leaflets.

Here’s how

Step 1: Go to and click Download now to get Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file (it should be called AcroRdrDC followed by the version numbers, then .exe if your’re on PC or .pkg if you’re on Mac).

Step 3: Follow onscreen instructions to install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Step 4: Open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Step 5: Click on File>Open… in the bar at the top.

Step 6: Open the PDF of the leaflet you intend to print.

Step 7: Find the small print starting with “Promoted by SNP 3 Jacksons Entry EH8 8PJ. Printed by [printer name, address, postcode]”.

Step 8: Click the grey box after “Printed by” and enter the name of the printing company and full address including postcode. If you’re printing on a home or branch printer, please insert “a local volunteer, not commercially.” after “Printed by”.

Step 9: Once you’re happy the text is correct, go to File>Save As… and save your newly-customised leaflet.

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