You must add a printer imprint to leaflets.

Here’s how:

Go to and click Download now to get Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Open the downloaded file (it should be called AcroRdrDC followed by the version numbers, then .exe if your’re on PC or .pkg if you’re on Mac). Follow onscreen instructions to install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Click on File>Open… in the bar at the top
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Open the PDF of the leaflet you intend to print
Find the small print starting with “Promoted by Peter Murrell…”
gh EH8 6PJ, Printed by
Click the grey box after “Printed by” and enter the name of the printing company and full address including postcode. If you’re printing on a home or branch printer, please insert “a local volunteer, not commercially.” after “Printed by”
Once you’re happy the text is correct, go to File>Save As… and save your newly-customised leaflet.