7 ways you can help us win Scottish independence

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has now published the Referendum Bill, and announced the date of the Scottish independence referendum: 19 October 2023.

Scotland will get to decide its future and with independence, we will have the full powers to build a wealthier, fairer nation.

The power to win that better Scotland is in your hands, but only you can make it happen.

Here are some of the ways you can help.

1. Pledge your support for Scottish independence

Join over half a million people who have already signed the independence pledge – click here to sign it, it takes less than a minute.

The more signatures we have, the more momentum we can build ahead of the crucial referendum in October 2023 – so share the pledge with 5 friends or family.

2. Volunteer your time for the campaign

The Yes campaign is entirely people-powered, and the more activists we have on the ground, the more people we can reach with our positive message.

You can volunteer in many ways – whether it’s delivering leaflets, canvassing support on the doorsteps or talking to passers-by at a street stall.

Click here to fill out a form if you’re interested in volunteering, or get in touch with your local Yes group.

3. Show your support for independence with a window poster

You can download, print and display our Yes posters – available in English, Scots, Gaelic, and many other languages.

Click here to access them for free.

4. Check out our new leaflet and distribute it in your area

We’ve produced a new Yes leaflet that sets out the key facts about independence in a short and concise form.

You can download it here, print it and distribute it on the doorsteps or street stalls. Make sure you add an imprint first – here’s how to do it.

5. Stay up to date with the latest articles and infographics

Across the Yes.scot site, we have a wealth of handy resources – helping to equip you with the tools needed to stay up to date and have informed conversations with voters.

Go to the News page to check out the latest articles, explainers and analysis, and visit the Infographics page to browse through and download shareable graphics.

6. Be visible

If you’re out campaigning for Scottish independence with your fellow activists, take some pictures and share them online using the hashtags #indyref2, #ScottishIndependence and #ItsTime.

Share your reasons for backing independence, or if you’ve switched from No to Yes, share your story online with the hashtag #NoToYes to build momentum.

You can also get in touch with us at hello@yes.scot – we’d love to hear your story!

7. Watch and share our videos

We regularly produce informative videos setting out key arguments for independence and rebutting claims from unionist politicians.

Check them out in the Videos section – and share them with 5 friends or family.

It’s an easy way to expand our reach, cut through to those undecided, and make a real impact.