It's time for independence

Nicola Sturgeon has updated the nation on our next steps to independence.

Within this term of the Scottish Parliament, her view is that the people of Scotland should have a choice between Brexit and a future as an independent, European nation.

To make that possible, the Scottish Government will now put in place the legislation required to have a referendum.

And our government is to establish a Citizens’ Assembly to deliberate the changes our country needs in a way that builds agreement.

This gives new impetus to our campaigning.

We need to focus all our efforts on building an independence majority.

This work will start with a major new campaign focused on Scotland’s economic potential as an independent country.

Our plan is to distribute An Independent Scotland: Household Guide to every household – all 2,460,000 of them! To achieve that, I am asking you to join me in making a donation to this specific project.


Please donate what you can.

Even a few pounds will make a difference. No matter how large or small, your donation will go direct to this campaign.

With your support, we can keep Scotland moving forward.

Keith Brown
Depute Leader and Campaign Director

Scotland has a mandate to hold an independence referendum

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