Coronavirus/COVID-19: You can make a difference

As efforts to delay the spread of COVID-19 virus are stepped up, everyone needs to do everything they can to avoid contact with others.

Obviously for our movement, that means suspending all campaigning – cancelling any planned social events and meetings must only be held if using remote technologies.

But as First Minister, I need your help too.

I am asking each of you to now focus on looking out for your family, friends and neighbours – paying particular attention to the elderly or those who have underlying health problems.

We are the largest political campaigning network in Scotland, with volunteers living in every neighbourhood. We have a big part to play.

Together we can make sure we are looking out for those around us. Together we can care for those who are elderly and vulnerable.

If you are well, here’s some of the ways that you can help:

  • Stay in touch with vulnerable individuals over the phone, by post or online.
  • See if people need any shopping, medication or help by running some errands.
  • Encourage people to stay active around the house and keep moving.
  • Create WhatsApp or Facebook groups to coordinate the effort across your neighbourhood.

Get the latest advice here.

I’ll be in touch with further updates in the days and weeks ahead.

Let’s do all we can to rise to this challenge.

Let’s ensure those in our communities who need our support most are not left to cope alone.