Democracy should never, ever be taken for granted

Why do you back Scottish independence?

For me, Scottish independence is our Get Out Of Jail Free card. The Westminster government is intent on dragging our country back generations.

I think independence is not just for me, but it’s for generations to come. It’s our opportunity to build a much more open, honest and prosperous country.

What was the moment that inspired you to back Yes?

It was actually because of my dad. My dad hoped and dreamed and tried every day for Scottish independence.

After the independence referendum in 2014 sadly my father passed away, and I made a promise to him that I would always support the cause for independence.

My dad believed in a much fairer society, a society where everybody is treated equal. And I believe that’s the only way forward.

Why does democracy matter?

I think democracy is something that’s been fought hard for, and I think it’s something that should never, ever be taken for granted.

Democracy is such an important part of society – it’s about giving people a choice about their future.

What’s your view on the Tories and Labour backing a Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for?

The Conservatives and the Labour Party are teaming up again, trying to bring back Better Together.

They are now on the side of Brexit, whereas 63% of Scottish people wanted to remain in the European Union. So for Labour to take that stance on Brexit is basically segregating themselves from a massive majority of people in Scotland.

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