Enough is enough – we’ve been damaged by Westminster policies for too long

Why do you back Scottish independence?

Scotland has got to be independent, because this is the matter of our bairns’ future.

It’s about the prosperity of our local communities and local people. We’ve got to decide our own future, our own policies, our own issues locally, rather than have somebody dictate it for us.

Why does democracy matter?

Independent Scotland is not about me – it’s about the people of Scotland, about our parents and our families.

We must be able to have a vote, where we can express our feelings and our vision for the future. That’s the matter of the prosperity and progress of our people.

What do you think about the Conservative government at Westminster?

We’ve had enough of the Westminster policies. We are being damaged by the Westminster policies every day – the immigration policies, the financial policies, the welfare cuts. It’s very hard to survive and we can’t tolerate this.

What’s your view on the Tories and Labour backing a Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for?

With Brexit, we’ve had a very bad experience… it is a very bitter experience, particularly with the cost of living.

Prices are going up, the fuel cost is going up and yet we in Scotland never voted for Brexit. Why are being hammered for that?

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