I want our children to thrive, I want aspiration for our people

Why do you back Scottish independence?

I back Scottish independence because Scotland is a nation. We have our own culture, our own language, our own traditions.

We are also a welcoming nation and we want people to come here – we need people to come here. As the saying goes, we’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns.

Why does democracy matter?

Because the voice of the people matters. If democracy is thwarted, then people are left without a voice.

We need to have this continuing discussion. Scotland’s people have consistently voted SNP and we have the right and a mandate to have another independence referendum.

You don’t hear phrases like ‘divisive general election’, and we’ve had three of those since 2015, 2017 and 2019. Democracy isn’t a single moment in time. So, it’s time for a referendum, and the people want it.

What do you think about the Conservative government at Westminster?

They are people who just want to make the rich richer, they are intent on selling off the institutions in this country. They’re intent on making this, as we have heard many times, a little Britain.

Why do you want to see an independent Scotland?

I want to see an independent Scotland because I want aspiration for our people. I want good housing. I don’t want poverty. I want our children to thrive.

I want Scotland to be a welcoming country, and I want to be a normal country because independence is normal.

Democracy, another independence referendum, is our path to becoming that normal country.

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