I was against independence in 2014 – and then Brexit happened

Why do you back Scottish independence?

Well, initially I was against independence, because I thought that Scotland would be taken out of the European Union.

And then Brexit happened. I was very disillusioned with the way in which the UK government treated Scotland, and saw that Scotland had not a foot to stand on.

We were taken out of the EU against our will and then after that Scotland was simply not listened to anymore.

I think that now the way to deal with it is to become independent, come back into the European Union, and be a strong contributing partner towards peace in Europe.

What do you think about the current Tory leadership contest?

I mean, why do we have to listen to that? We don’t have any influence on who’s going to be the next Tory leader.

At the moment between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, it’s a competition without any substance – and it’s basically just showing how the Tories see Scotland as something that can be bullied and ignored.

Liz Truss ignoring the First Minister doesn’t only mean ignoring Nicola Sturgeon, and Rishi Sunak… to say that Darlington is in Scotland just shows how ignorant people can be.

Why is the Westminster system not working for Scotland?

The whole Westminster system seems to exist to better themselves.

They don’t have any care for the communities, they exploit resources, they take their liberties but actually don’t show any responsibility.

Why does democracy matter?

Democracy is the bedrock to fulfil Scotland’s potential – to include everyone, for everyone’s voices to be heard, to be a more equal country, and to make sure that everyone who is part of Scotland is cared for.

And if you are a New Scot, don’t think you’re different – you’re part of Scotland, you’re here, and you’re one of us.

What excites you about the prospect of an independent Scotland?

I’m looking forward to Scotland becoming independent because we will be richer, we will be more caring, we will be more inclusive, and we will be much more multifaceted than we are at the moment under the influence of Westminster.

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