I won’t let this Tory Brexit ruin my kids’ future

I regret voting No in 2014.

We ended up going through a Brexit referendum with promises of £350million a week for the NHS on a bus – which was a complete lie.

There is no benefit to Brexit. I want Scotland to be back in the EU.

Many opportunities I’ve had to travel across Europe have now been taken away from my daughters – who should be able to have the same opportunity.

I remember Priti Patel, during the Immigration Bill debate, saying that this is what we voted for.

But this is clearly not what Scotland voted for, I thought “How dare you?”.

This is about my kids’ futures and I’m not going to let the Tories take it away – that’s why I now back independence for Scotland.

Tim Arbuckle grew up in a farming family on the east coast of Scotland. Independence was something he never seriously considered, and so he voted No in 2014.

Driven by the best interests of his teenage daughters, Tim has changed his mind and now wants Scotland to become independent.