Independence is about putting power to the people

What does Scottish independence mean to you?

Independence means, to me, the people living in Scotland having the choice over their future – making their own decisions over what’s important to them.

Why do you support independence?

I think after independence we will build on the notion that another Scotland is possible – one that’s socially just, one that’s environmentally just, and one that involves all the citizens in the decision-making of the country.

Westminster has always focused on the needs of the British state and the elite in Britain – but even more so now, their eye is definitely not on Scotland, and on the needs of Scotland.

Why does democracy matter?

It’s important that the referendum mandate is honoured, because democracy is important.

Since the Thatcher revolution, we’ve been pushed towards being consumers and not citizens. We need to put power in people’s hands and that’s what a referendum would be about.

It will be about people making a decision over their future, and collectively building a different kind of future here in Scotland.

What inspires you most about the prospect of an independent Scotland?

Independence inspires me because it perhaps won’t be an easy road, but it’s a road where people can put power in their own hands.

We’re talking about power to the people, greater decision-making in Scotland, greater decision-making at the local government level and greater decision-making in communities and workplaces.

It’s about building an alternative that moves us away from the neoliberal model to something new, something different.

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