With independence, Scotland will get the governments we vote for

Why do you back Scottish independence?

I support Scottish independence because I believe the people of Scotland should be fairly and democratically represented – and we should have a government that respects and reflects the will of the people of Scotland.

What was the moment that inspired you to back Yes?

I turned 16 in the year that the referendum was happening, so that was the first time I was able to vote.

I felt this responsibility to get involved, and to research, and to really think about what I wanted my future and Scotland’s future to be.

I’ve never felt that the UK government is really working for me. And, I think, the thought of having a future where I felt better represented really excites me.

Why does democracy matter?

Democracy means to me that people should have the agency that they deserve to have a say in the future of their own lives and also of the country that we all live in.

For me, the thought of independence is the thought of a better future. Of being able to vote knowing that the government that’s going to be in is going to be doing their best for you.

What’s your view on the Tories and Labour backing a Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for?

The Tories and Labour backing a Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for… it really undermines the will of the Scottish people but, to be honest, it doesn’t really surprise me.

The way I see it, the unionist parties don’t see Scotland as an independent voice that should be heard or listened to.

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