Independence is essential to protect Scotland’s NHS

My family and I all voted No in 2014.

The stories about the threat to the NHS forced us to vote against change, as my partner was training to be a doctor at the time.

However, I now realise being independent can protect our NHS from this and other terrible Tory governments’ decisions that have served Scotland so badly.

It is now obvious that Brexit is the single biggest political threat to Scotland’s National Health Service.

Working in Glasgow University’s library, I see the benefit of a multi-cultural, inclusive European nation as students from all around the world use the library.

There are so many people from all over the world at Glasgow Uni and they are bringing so much to our society and economy – we’d be so much worse off without them.

Members of my family have been on a No to Yes journey too.

My Mum was very much a No voter, but when another referendum comes around, she will vote Yes as she really values EU membership.