Labour in Scotland follow Labour in England, who follow the Tories

Why do you back Scottish independence?

I back independence to gain the normal powers of a normal, independent nation. I think it completes the journey where we’ll be making all of our own decisions.

Whatever path we take, the decisions should be taken by us, not for us.

Why does democracy matter?

We have a representative democracy in Scotland, which means we vote for the people and the parties and the policies that we prefer, and the elected government enacts that on our behalf.

If you deny that, then you’re denying basic democracy – and that’s what Westminster is doing at the moment.

What do you think about the Conservative government at Westminster?

You’d expect the Prime Minister to demonstrate some sort of sincerity and integrity, but Boris Johnson just demonstrates ignorance, arrogance, and he just simply can’t be trusted to do the things that he needs to do.

What’s your view on the Tories and Labour backing a Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for?

I think that Labour in Scotland follows Labour in England. Labour in England follows the Tories, who follow Boris Johnson.

I don’t think any of them care about Scotland’s wishes, opinions, or choices – and we need to be able to choose things for ourselves.

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