Leaflet: Independence Is Essential

For Scotland, not being independent means we are being dragged down the wrong path by Westminster governments we don’t vote for – imposing chaos, damage and policies that hurt the poorest the most.

To build a more stable, sustainable economy – with fairness and human wellbeing at heart – independence is essential.

To illustrate that, we’re producing a series of handy materials – including thisĀ detailed, 8-page leaflet which includes vital facts, stats and information about the case for Scottish independence.

This is a great resource to share as widely as possible. Start by sharing the link with at least 5 of your friends who you think might be open to the discussion or who you believe need to know the facts.

You can also download a printable version here.

Remember, if every one of us convinces at least one No voter, the momentum for independence will become unstoppable.

If we all stay focused on our goal and keep spreading our positive, hopeful case for the better future with independence, we will win.

And we need to win – for the future of our country and everyone who lives here.