Majority of Scots recognise the clear mandate for IndyRef2

The 2021 election produced a record high pro-independence vote share and an increased pro-independence majority of MSPs – and new analysis reveals that the majority of people in Scotland recognise the clear mandate for an independence referendum.

The data from the 2021 Scottish Election Study shows that 61% of Scots think the Scottish Government has a mandate.

Here’s a handy summary.

Clear election victory on manifestos to hold indyref2

In the 2021 Scottish election, both the SNP and the Greens explicitly promised to deliver an independence referendum in the current term of the Scottish Parliament.

Both of the parties won a record high share of the vote, record high number of votes, and an increased number of MSPs.

The pro-independence majority government was formed following an agreement between the SNP and the Greens, holding 56% of the seats in the Holyrood chamber.

Majority of people say there is a mandate for indyref2

The Scottish Election Study’s 2021 post-election survey asked respondents if they thought the election result amounted to a mandate for an independence referendum.

It asked three questions – one pointing out that there’s a pro-independence majority, one pointing out that the SNP didn’t get an overall majority, and one with a neutral prompt.

Across the board, in all three questions, a majority of people said there was a mandate. This included 33% of ‘No’ voters.

‘Don’t knows’ emphatically agree there is a mandate

Among those who say they do not know how they would vote, 62%, 63% and 69% said there was a mandate for a referendum in the three questions.

The clear mandate to offer people in Scotland a choice on their future is recognised by people, and backed by an overwhelming electoral victory and a majority in Parliament.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has published the first in the series of Scottish Government’s independence papers, which you can read here in full – or click here to read our summary.

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