New Scots like me want to play our part in Scotland’s future

As a Catalan new Scot people often ask me why would I change Barcelona for Scotland, I must be crazy they say, and not gonna lie in the tough days I sometimes ask myself that question and the fact that my tan has completely vanished, doesn’t make it any better.

But a part of me feels like this was always meant to be my place, when I first moved here, I was 18, had nae money, and everything that I own fit in a suitcase, but within days, I knew I was in the right place, I could feel it in my heart, Scotland just became my home.

The Catalan movement and the Scottish one are so similar and at the same time so different, but right now both countries are going through the same, neither can decide their future.

It’s shambolic to think that you have no say in your life, imagine if when you went to uni someone would have stopped you studying what you want just because they didn’t like it, would you accept that? Or would you stand up for your future?

Boris Johnson is denying us our right, enough of that “once in a generation” argument, if you change the rules of the game halfway through the play, expect consequences. In 2014 they promised you stability, they promised you EU, more powers… The last time I checked the UK has had three Prime Ministers since 2014 (not much stability there), we are leaving the EU against oor will, another promise broken there, honestly the UK is less reliable than a spice boy, and you know what you do with a spice boy? You run away as soon as you can, so Scotland, it’s time to boost.

But on a more serious note, what Westminster is doing is the most undemocratic thing they could do, and it’s because they are scared, we know it’s not Scotland who needs the UK, it’s them that needs us! Growing up outside the UK, we admired Westminster, (how crazy to think this now), but we saw it as the cradle of democracy, politics seemed elegant and so much fair play… Thanks to the Tories, a respectable place has been turned upside down, and now seems more like a kindergarten than anything else, with all the booing, the rudeness, the lies. Sometimes I watch it just because I think it’s some sort of Spanish telenovela.

Scotland, let’s not lose our strength, with independence we have a whole new history to write, and we want everyone to be a part of it, from new Scots like me to the oldest ones, we have a whole new canvas of opportunities, while if we remain in the UK, the only thing they can promise us is the dark grey hole we are already in.

They can fool you once, but they won’t fool you twice, are you YES yet?

Soar Alba, and visca Catalunya.