Seeing Scotland sidelined at Westminster made me switch to Yes

Edinburgh-based Neil MacPherson’s career in business has taken him around the world, having worked in countries like Finland and Australia.

With an international outlook he previously hoped being part of the UK was for the best – but now he knows better.

In 2014, I thought our future in the UK meant being part of the EU.

Then 2016 came along, and it took away all things that I value – like the European peace project and the freedom to move from one country to another.

Being part of the EU is an advantage to the UK and Scotland, but we are suffering as a political appendage to Westminster.

Over the years, I have built up concerns about the UK’s foreign policy direction, particularly under Tony Blair’s Labour government.

I became concerned by the UK’s alignment with the US and the decision to go to war with Iraq. That was a complete disaster.

It was one of the areas where I realised Scotland’s voice was pushed to one side.

I was horrified by the result of the 2019 general election. Despite good policies that the SNP MPs put forward, they will fall by the wayside as there is only so much that 48 MPs can do in the House of Commons.

The UK Parliament is completely weighted against voters in Scotland in favour of those in England.

Scotland’s vote in the EU referendum has been brushed to one side.

I have voted SNP before and I will vote SNP in May.

I fully expect that if the SNP win, there will be a second referendum.

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