Is Scotland a renewable powerhouse?

Scotland has significant onshore and offshore renewable resources and is ranked first amongst the UK’s nations and regions for green growth potential and opportunity.

We are an energy-rich nation. In 2021, Scotland generated enough renewable electricity to power all households in Scotland for three years, and exported electricity with an estimated value of £2.4 billion.

However it is hamstrung by UK government policy which sees Scottish energy charged far more than many countries in Europe whilst areas of the South of England are subsidised. At a time of rising home energy bills this makes no sense.

Scotland’s renewable energy potential is vast and would be fundamental to a new prosperous economy. An independent Scotland could ensure the long-term affordability of electricity, as offshore and onshore wind farms can provide electricity at a lower cost than nuclear or gas power plants. 

Scotland’s renewables potential also means we can not only ensure energy self-reliance and generate enough green electricity to power Scotland, but also export increasing amounts of low carbon energy to our neighbours, supporting the wider security of supply needs and decarbonisation ambitions of our neighbouring nations.

In addition we can also take advantage of our massive renewable energy resources by hydrogen production. Hydrogen powered by renewable electricity, may be Scotland’s greatest industrial opportunity since oil and gas, creating or protecting up to 300,000 jobs.

Over the longer-term an independent Scotland could deliver affordable renewable energy which would help reduce the cost of energy for households and businesses. The opportunity of Scotland’s self-sufficiency in energy allows us to improve security of supply by designing a market that maximises the economic and employment benefits of Scotland’s advantages in a range of renewable power – wind, hydro, pumped-storage hydro, hydrogen, wave and tidal and carbon capture and storage. 

Independence offers Scotland a real opportunity to take advantage of our renewables potential as well as tackle the threat of climate change.