What are Scotland’s economic strengths?

Scotland possesses greater natural resources, skills and education compared to independent countries with higher wealth per person and lower poverty levels. However it doesn’t have the power to use those resources to make ourselves wealthier and fairer because Westminster controls them.

Indeed, Scotland has a range of assets, special skills and capabilities that stand it in good stead to maximise the opportunities of independence quickly. 

Scotland’s strengths include:   

  • A strong and globally recognised track record of invention, innovation and learning, stretching from the Enlightenment to the present day, with our current universities’ place at the global frontier of research in areas such as life sciences and data analytics. 


  • Many of our goods, particularly in food and drink, have given Scotland a reputation for quality which is a key selling point for Scotland’s economy.


  • Scotland has massive renewable energy resources which can be the bedrock of our new independent economy. Hydrogen, for example, powered by renewable electricity, may be Scotland’s greatest industrial opportunity since oil and gas, creating or protecting up to 300,000 jobs


  • Scotland has a strong business sectors with longstanding comparative advantages in food and drink, financial services, energy and advanced engineering. For example, did you know that  Glasgow builds more small satellites than any other place in Europe?


  • Our natural heritage and history provide exceptional opportunities for tourism and underpinning a unique and recognised brand which combines with an outward looking culture which resonates around the world through a huge, enthusiastic and influential diaspora.


  • In the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, Scotland has three universities in the top 200. Scotland has more universities per million people in the top 200 when compared to the rest of the UK and ranks third globally


  • With a welcoming business environment including a highly skilled workforce, Scotland is seen as an asset by inward investors. Scotland routinely leads the UK in attracting inward investment as the top performing Foreign Direct Investment region or nation of the UK outside of London.


  • Scotland has a strong commitment to building a wellbeing economy to benefit all of society and has a world-leading approach to Net Zero – no longer seen as barriers to economic growth, these are increasingly seen as evidence of a nation serious about long-term economic development.


  • Compared to a UK run by Westminster parties we have a global outlook, are pro-EU and supportive of international institutions.


Scotland has the resources, skills and education to be a wealthier and fairer country that pays its way. What it doesn’t have is the independence to ensure those strengths are put to use for the benefit of all of Scotland.