What is the impact of Brexit?

Scotland overwhelmingly didn’t vote for Brexit but Westminster politicians have imposed it on Scotland – the Tories ignored Scotland’s vote to ‘Remain’ and Keir Starmer’s Labour is now championing Brexit.

Brexit has been a disaster and even official UK government agencies have highlighted its negative impact.

Financial chiefs from the Bank of England have highlighted that Brexit has cost the UK tens of billion in business investment and that the UK is facing its worst 20 year outlook since 1938. 

And the UK government’s Office for Budget Responsibility have said Brexit has had a “significant adverse impact” on UK trade with the OBR Chair – Richard Hughes – saying the UK Economy is 4% smaller because of Brexit.

A survey shows that 40% of businesses say exports to the EU were falling with 36% of UK companies saying EU companies were less willing to work with them.

The reality is that the UK economy is trapped in a vicious cycle of poor growth, stagnant wages and rising poverty as a result of Westminster’s Brexit.

The effects are most acutely felt by ordinary people. In the past year, food prices rose by 19.1% and are at a 45-year high and UK home insurance inflation rose by an average of 17.9%.

And the number one problem that faces the NHS across these isles is its workforce. Brexit has worsened the NHS’s shortage of doctors and European nurses registering to work in the UK fell by 90% after Brexit.

Scotland didn’t vote for this. With independence we can escape the failed UK Brexit-based economy and take our place as a member state of the world’s largest single market.