What would be the immigration policy of an independent Scotland?

Scotland has been shaped by migration for centuries with many peoples coming to Scotland and becoming part of Scotland’s rich cultural tapestry. However, historically, our recent migration story has meant Scots leaving home to build their lives elsewhere around the world. 

But recent migration, especially EU migration over the past 20 years, helped change this. Scotland had gone from being a net exporter of people to a country with a growing population, a greater international outlook and a culturally richer and more diverse society.

They are also essential to our economy and public services providing seasonal workers for our food and drink industry as well as driving local buses and staffing our NHS.

However, that is now at risk as a result of the Westminster government’s ‘hostile environment’ towards migration and the failure of UK immigration policy to address Scotland’s distinct population situation.

UK migration policy is damaging to business, the wider economy and public services. The food and drink sector is experiencing worker shortages and businesses are struggling to fill vacancies. Bus routes are at risk because drivers can’t be found and the NHS and care homes are crying out for staff.

Scotland needs a system that values migration, not Westminster parties that stoke unfounded fears about it.

Migration would secure our economy for the future, boost our population and support our older people. But that can only be done by escaping from the scaremongering of Westminster parties and becoming an independent controlling our own migration policy. 

You can read more about how Scotland can benefit from controlling its own migration policy in this Scottish Government paper: Building a New Scotland: migration to Scotland after independence