What would Scotland do differently to Westminster?

With independence we could build an inclusive, fair, wellbeing economy that works for everyone in Scotland. We would escape a Westminster economic model that concentrates wealth in London and the South East of England, while producing inequality, low investment, and low productivity.

With independence we could have lower energy prices and security of supply by increasing and diversifying the massive potential of our electricity-generating capacity, making better, greener use of Scotland’s abundant natural energy resources.

An independent Scotland would have the power to create a better, fairer working life, including improved access to flexible working, greater job security through strengthened workplace rights and, if you are a young person, the same minimum wage as everybody else.

Independence offers the opportunity to live in a country where decisions about how we use our assets, talents and resources reflect our values and democratic choices, allowing Scotland to develop the kind of inclusive, consensus-driven economic policies that serve other European countries so well.

You can read more about how Scotland would do things differently to Westminster in this Scottish Government paper: Building a New Scotland: A stronger economy with independence