Will the NHS be protected in an independent Scotland?

Independence is crucial to protecting Scotland’s NHS from the creeping privatisation in England imposed by Westminster governments.

As the Westminster government’s actions have shown since the Brexit referendum they do not respect what the Scottish Parliament votes for. They have overridden legislation and ignored Scottish Parliament votes opposing Westminster interference in devolved policies.

And Brexit is already having an impact on Scotland’s NHS. With lagging economic growth compared to our neighbours that means lower tax revenues to pay for the NHS. Plus the exodus of EU citizens has affected staffing levels in the NHS.

But the threat to Scotland’s NHS from Westminster governments is real, present and at its highest ever setting.

The Tories have already voted to strip robust protection for the NHS from Westminster post-Brexit trade deals and to give the Tory government powers to muscle in on the Scottish Parliament anytime they like.

And a Labour Westminster government will be no answer to this threat – the only guaranteed outcome of all Labour Westminster governments is the Tory government that always follows it. Besides, Keir Starmer Labour has failed to say they would reverse those Westminster impositions and their health spokesperson has indicated that they would use the private sector to change the NHS.

The actions of the Westminster government and opposition since the Brexit vote in 2016 all add up to a serious and growing threat to Scotland’s health service. 

With independence Scotland can guarantee its NHS will be protected.