Will there be another independence referendum?

A referendum remains the SNP’s preferred route to establishing the will of the people of Scotland on the issue of independence.

The Scottish Government has made all reasonable efforts to reach agreement with the UK government on the necessary transfer of power to enable the Scottish Parliament to legislate for an independence referendum.

However, and against the democratic will of the Scottish voters in 2021, Westminster continues to block a referendum and deny Scottish democracy. Therefore, an alternative means of ensuring that the will of the people of Scotland on their future governance must be offered.

It is clear that such alternative means can only be through a national election. An election is, by definition, a lawful and constitutional democratic process.

The SNP has agreed that a Westminster General Election should be used as an opportunity to advance the cause of independence, and to demonstrate how the powers of independence would enable us to take action on Scotland’s priorities – from tackling the Westminster-made cost of living crisis, to protecting our public services, eradicating poverty and building a fairer economy that works for us all.

Therefore the next UK General Election is an opportunity for the people of Scotland to express their view.

If the SNP wins a majority of the seats at the General Election in Scotland, this will be taken as a mandate for the Scottish Government to begin immediate negotiations with the UK Government to give democratic effect to Scotland becoming an independent country.

If a simple majority of Westminster seats is taken as a mandate for UK governments to make changes like Brexit, then it logically follows that it is a mandate of the people of Scotland.