Scotland has great potential to make a big impact on the global stage

If you look at Scotland as a business, we have huge assets: technical, engineering, education, finance, culture and world-class food and drink.

We have great potential. 

But the union is holding us back. It’s clear that Westminster hasn’t got our best interests at heart.

Norway, with a similar population size, is a powerhouse – and Scotland could easily be where they are, making a big impact on the global stage.

I’m passionate about the renewables sector and I speak with industry leaders from across the world.

People overseas often ask me, ‘Why isn’t Scotland independent yet’?

I tell them that we will be, soon. But that only happens if SNP win big in May – then get that referendum and win it.

John MacAskill, from Broughty Ferry, is a Director of a renewable energy company who has changed his mind and now backs Scottish independence.