Scotland’s largest trade union backs independence referendum

Unison, Scotland’s largest trade union, has backed Scotland’s right to hold a second independence referendum at a time of the Scottish Parliament’s choosing.

Unison’s Scottish convenor Lilian Macer said: “This in no way pre-determines the views our members may take in the event of an independence referendum, but they should have the opportunity to express their views.

“Unison Scotland defends public services and those who deliver them and it is imperative that we explore the full range of options available to the people of Scotland.”

The Tories have so far tried to block the Scottish democratic process, refusing a transfer of power to allow the referendum to go ahead.

But the Tories haven’t won an election in Scotland in 60 years and have received no mandate from the Scottish electorate.

SNP depute leader Keith Brown MSP welcomed Unison’s commitment, saying: “Unison is the latest respected body to support a transfer of powers so the Scottish Parliament can hold a fresh referendum at a time of its choosing.

“The democratic right of the people of Scotland to determine our own future cannot be ignored by Westminster.”

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