Sheena Wellington on the opening of the Scottish Parliament

20 years ago, Sheena Wellington sang ‘A Man’s a Man’ at the opening of the Scottish Parliament.

In this 3-part interview, Sheena reflects on the moment that changed Scotland forever.

Part one: The opening of the Scottish Parliament

In part one, Sheena tells the story of the iconic moment in 1999, when the Scottish Parliament reconvened for the first time in over 300 years.

I've never actually felt so emotional singing ... It's a moment I'm incredibly proud of.
Sheena Wellington

Part two: Life before the Scottish Parliament

In part two, Sheena tells us how devolution has improved lives in Scotland, and says that independence is the natural next step.

Once you give people a taste of freedom they want more.
Sheena Wellington

Part three: Scottish culture in the wider world

In part three, Sheena talks about Scottish culture and her home city of Dundee.

We have become more confident ... We've got a lot to offer to the world.
Sheena Wellington