Tory ignorance of Scotland is almost laughable, but it’s also frightening

Why do you back Scottish independence?

I want to see Scotland becoming a richer country and properly utilising our vast wealth.

We’re rich in farming, rich in fishing, rich in whisky, and certainly rich in energy resources.

I want us to have a sense of freedom and a sense of democracy. Let’s go for it.

The Tories came to Perth for their leadership hustings… what do you think about this whole leadership contest?

I think coming to Perth shows arrogance – it also shows complacency and it will get nowhere.

Scotland hasn’t voted for the Tories since the 1950s, and their arguments are thin to the point of uselessness.

There’s also the sense of arrogance that we thought had maybe departed with Boris Johnson, but it is still there.

What do you think about Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, the leadership contenders?

Liz Truss’s ignorance, and dismissal, and her disdain of Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon, is frankly… well, it’s almost laughable, but it’s also frightening.

And for Rishi Sunak to think that Darlington is on the Scottish border just shows complete contempt for Scotland, a complete lack of understanding.

Why do you think is the Westminster system failing Scotland?

I don’t think the Tories understand Scotland – and for that matter, and I’m sorry to say this, I don’t think Labour understand the issues facing Scotland either.

What do you think about Tories and Labour both backing a Brexit that Scotland never voted for?

I think it’s shocking that Keir Starmer, who I did have some regard for, has gone along with the Tory agenda of turning his back on Europe.

It’s frankly disgusting and incomprehensible.

Why does democracy matter?

Democracy matters for Scotland because our voice in Westminster, while it is loud, doesn’t get properly heard by the UK Tory government.

Our needs are separate from the needs and the worldview of the folk in the Westminster bubble.

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