Exposed: the ‘No’ campaign and UK government’s big lie on energy prices

One of No campaign’s key anti-independence scare stories in 2014 was that energy prices would rise if Scotland voted for independence.

Meanwhile, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, in a 2014 paper, predicted that UK household energy prices would actually drop by around £48 by 2020.

Source: Department of Energy and Climate Change (2014) -

It’s time for a reality check.

According to 2019 analysis, between 2015 and 2019 alone, the average household energy bill increased to £1,813 a year – that’s a 40% hike.

Despite the UK government projecting prices would fall, just years later the prices rose by around £524.

Source: The Guardian (2019) -

And from October this year, UK energy bills are set to soar even higher – right as the colder weather is beginning to bite.

This means that 15 million households in the UK will have to pay at least £139 more.

That’s on top of many damaging policies imposed by the Tories at Westminster – disproportionately hitting those on the lowest incomes, and forcing many families to choose between heating and eating.

Source: The Courier (2021) -

From October, Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are cutting Universal Credit by £20 a week – knowing that it will push tens of thousands of families into poverty.

The Tories also ploughed ahead with increasing National Insurance tax contributions, forcing lower and middle-income earners in Scotland to pay more to fix a Westminster policy failure in England – and explicitly breaking their 2019 manifesto promise.

That’s before we even consider the devastating impact of Brexit – from food shortages, to higher food prices, crumbling exports and collapsing businesses.

Source: The Guardian (2021) -

Yet again, Scotland is forced to pay the price for damaging decisions of the Tory government, despite rejecting the Tories at every single election since 1955.

It’s clear that a decade of Tory austerity and regressive tax rises has left millions of families worse off.

The UK already has the worst levels of poverty and inequality in north-west Europe – and Boris Johnson’s record of failure is only making it worse.

Scotland must have the choice of a better future with independence, so we can take our recovery into our own hands.

With the full powers of an independent country, we can reshape Scotland’s economy according to Scotland’s interests, and build a fairer, more equal society – just like our neighbours Denmark, Ireland or Norway.