We can build a Scotland that’s prosperous and free from poverty

Why do you back Scottish independence?

I back Scottish independence because I want a Scotland that’s governed in Scotland, by politicians that want the best for Scotland and Scotland’s people.

I want to have a Scotland that’s free from poverty and is prosperous, and builds on our strengths and our vast resources.

What do you think about the current Tory leadership contest?

The comments made by the Tory leadership contenders indicate to me that they’re not really interested in Scotland – and that they don’t really know anything about Scottish politics or Scottish people.

I’m quite appalled at Liz Truss’s comments that she would just ignore our democratically elected First Minister – and it seems that the contenders just don’t understand that their comments cause Scottish people to be offended.

Why is the Westminster system not working for Scotland?

People in Scotland haven’t voted for a Tory government for over 60 years… and we don’t see our needs reflected in the Westminster government and in Tory policies.

One example of a Tory policy that doesn’t work for Scotland, I think, is welfare. Scotland is having to mitigate the benefit cuts that the Westminster government have brought in, and it’s appalling.

We shouldn’t be in a position that we have to mitigate for the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

What do you think about Labour and the Tories increasingly working together?

Tories and Labour working together against Scotland’s self-determination indicates to me that there isn’t a desire in the two unionist parties to respect a democratic process for Scotland.

They put the need for exploiting Scotland’s resources before our right to self-determination, before our need for democracy, and before our need for our voices to be heard.

What gives you hope about the prospect of an independent Scotland?

I think the thing that inspires me most about an independent Scotland is that we will be more prosperous – a vibrant multi-party democracy that will thrive on the European scene.

I was disappointed by Brexit, and I’m really, really interested in going back into Europe. I believe that’s the right way to build a more prosperous Scotland.

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