Westminster control holds Scotland back through a lack of understanding

Why do you back Scottish independence?

Oh, I think Scottish independence is something that’s going to be great for Scotland.

I think it’s time for a change from what we’ve been so used to.

I think getting independence back to Scotland is something that’s going to motivate people in Scotland, move the economy on, and change the way in which we live.

What do you think about the current Tory leadership contest?

The current Tory leadership contest… you can’t really call it a joke, because it’s so important.

But on the other hand, it seems irrelevant for Scotland in many ways. I don’t think it’s going to make any difference who is in that position.

We’ll either have somebody who is ignoring Scotland, or somebody who doesn’t know where it is.

Why do you think is the Westminster system failing Scotland?

I think the “union of equals” is obviously demonstrated to be not there.

The First Minister is trying to have meetings with the government over the current crisis, both in terms of energy prices and the cost of living… but that doesn’t seem to be having any reaction at all.

Everybody in the UK government seems to want to be on holiday and not engaging with this sort of questions.

I think Westminster control holds Scotland back through a lack of investment, and a lack of understanding of what Scotland needs.

What do you think about Labour and the Tories increasingly working together?

I was incredibly surprised after the last elections, when the Labour Party started to make moves to join forces with the Tories. I can’t imagine how that ever is common sense.

I’m sure most Labour voters in Scotland didn’t vote for the Labour Party in order to have a Tory administration. It means that in Scotland we have, in a number of places, a democracy that isn’t really functioning effectively.

What gives you hope about the prospect of an independent Scotland?

I think independence in Scotland will create a democracy that currently we are slightly lacking under the Westminster system.

I think in the future, under independence, we’ll have a much more diverse democratic process – and that can only be to the benefit of Scotland.

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