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Independence is our path to a kinder, fairer, more welcoming Scotland

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If you look at the Tories and the Westminster system, I don’t see much hope in that. I want a better society – and Scottish independence is the quickest way to at least work towards that.


I was against independence in 2014 – and then Brexit happened

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initially I was against independence, because I thought that Scotland would be taken out of the EU. The way forward now is to become independent, come back into the European Union, and be a strong contributing partner towards peace in Europe.


Tory ignorance of Scotland is almost laughable, but it’s also frightening

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While our voice in Westminster is loud, it doesn’t get properly heard by UK governments. Our needs are separate from the worldview of the folk in the Westminster bubble.


We can build a Scotland that’s prosperous and free from poverty

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In an independent Scotland, we will be a more prosperous and a fairer nation – a vibrant multi-party democracy that will thrive on the European scene.


Westminster control holds Scotland back through a lack of understanding

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The Tory leadership contest seems irrelevant for Scotland in many ways, and it won’t make any difference who is in that position. We’ll either have somebody who is ignoring Scotland, or somebody who doesn’t know where it is.


Enough is enough – we’ve been damaged by Westminster policies for too long

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We’ve got to decide our own future, our own policies, our own issues locally, rather than have somebody dictate it for us.


Independence is about putting power to the people

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With independence, we will build on the notion that another Scotland is possible – one that’s socially just, one that’s environmentally just, and one that involves all the citizens in the decision-making of the country. Westminster has always focused on the needs of the British state and the elite in Britain – their eye is definitely not on Scotland’s needs.


With independence, Scotland will get the governments we vote for

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Tories and Labour backing a Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for really undermines the will of the Scottish people – but, to be honest, it doesn’t really surprise me. The way I see it, the unionist parties don’t see Scotland as an independent voice that should be heard or listened to.