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Sara Sheridan

Minds are changing as support for independence grows

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The UK, with its Houses of Commons and Lords and its antiquated view of its own identity, is not minded to progressive reform – but in Scotland we have a chance to do exactly that.

Paula Kirby

Small independent countries are among the most successful in the world

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Small countries pursuing inclusive, socially responsible, internationalist agendas are among the most successful in the world.

Ruaridh Hanna

Why I changed from campaigning for Better Together to backing Yes

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On the night of 18th September 2014, I was literally jumping for joy seeing the results come in. For months I, along with everyone else in the room, had campaigned passionately for Scotland to stay part of the UK. I felt that Scotland had collectively made the right decision. Since then, I have changed my mind.

Jennifer Constable

I voted No in 2014 but now I’ve changed my mind

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I’ve learned that a Union is only viable if each of its partners are being given an equal say. Since 2014 it’s become painfully apparent that Scotland’s voice is not only being ignored, but entirely dismissed.

Neil Slorance

Scotland should be able to make all of its own decisions

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I believe Scotland should be able to make all of its own decisions, get the governments it votes for and stand on it’s own two feet.

Junaid Ashraf

Our system is not fit for purpose – independence will let us change that

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The current system we live in is not fit for purpose; Scottish independence is our chance to change that. Independence is the gateway to declare our space in the world.

Charlotte Armitage

It’s our future, give us the choice

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On September 18th 2014 – only just turned 16 years old – I took a leap of faith. For the first time in my life, I cast my vote in favour of Scottish independence.

Mhairi Black
Mhairi Black

Scotland won’t get back into its box anymore – it’s time to choose a better future

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We can do so much better as a more equal, more progressive, fairer, greener, independent country. It’s time.