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Neil MacPherson

Seeing Scotland sidelined at Westminster made me switch to Yes

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I was horrified by the result of the 2019 general election. Despite good policies that the SNP MPs put forward, they will fall by the wayside as there is only so much 48 MPs can do in the House of Commons

Nicole Hood

Brexit and Scotland’s handling of COVID made me switch to Yes

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Brexit was the lightbulb moment when I realised Scotland’s voice means nothing at Westminster – but Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of COVID made me switch from No to Yes.

John MacAskill

Scotland has great potential to make a big impact on the global stage

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Norway, with a similar population size, is a powerhouse. Scotland could easily be where they are, making a big impact on the global stage.

Siobhan Sinclair

Independence is essential to protect Scotland’s NHS

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Being an independent country can protect our NHS from Boris Johnson’s, and other terrible Tory governments that have served Scotland so badly.

Tim Arbuckle

I won’t let this Tory Brexit ruin my kids’ future

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I regret voting No in 2014. We ended up going through a Brexit referendum with promises of £350 million a week for the NHS on a bus which was a complete lie. There is no benefit to Brexit. I want Scotland to be back in the EU.

Sara Sheridan

Minds are changing as support for independence grows

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The UK, with its Houses of Commons and Lords and its antiquated view of its own identity, is not minded to progressive reform – but in Scotland we have a chance to do exactly that.

Paula Kirby

Small independent countries are among the most successful in the world

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Small countries pursuing inclusive, socially responsible, internationalist agendas are among the most successful in the world.

Ruaridh Hanna

Why I changed from campaigning for Better Together to backing Yes

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On the night of 18th September 2014, I was literally jumping for joy seeing the results come in. For months I, along with everyone else in the room, had campaigned passionately for Scotland to stay part of the UK. I felt that Scotland had collectively made the right decision. Since then, I have changed my mind.